Our Patriots

The following list of individuals are patriots of the American Revolution to whom Presidio Chapter members can trace their lineage as of August 2015.

As honored in William Tyler Page's American's Creed, these brave Americans "sacrificed their lives and fortunes" to establish a government "upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity."

Patriots are grouped by state of service and then listed alphabetically by last name.

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Patriotic Service Abbreviations
1LT 1st Lieutenant
2LT 2nd Lieutnant
ADC Aide de Camp
ADJ Adjutant
ARFR Artificer
BDR Bombardier
BGEN Brigadier General
CAPT Captain
CHP Chaplain
CL Clerk
CMSRY Commisary
COL Colonel
CPL Corporal
CS Civil Service
DR Doctor
ENS Ensign
FIF Fifer
LT Lieutenant
MAJ Major
MM Minuteman
MRNR Mariner
NONCOM Noncommissioned Officer
PS Patriotic Service
PVT Private
REV Reverend
SDI Signer of the Declaration of Independence
SFT Sergeant
SLTCDR Sub Lieutenant Commander
SOL Soldier
STAFFOF Staff Officer
SURG Surgeon


Admitted to the Union January 8, 1788

PS/SOL Barnabas Allen
STAFFOF Silas Allen
CS Asa Aspinwall
PVT Stephen Avery
PVT Israel Ballard
PVT Hubbard Burrows
CS/CPL Samuel Beaumont
SGT Nathaniel Benedict, Jr.
PS Nathaniel Benedict, Sr.
CPL John Billings
PVT Samuel Billings
PVT John Burdick
PS/SGT Josiah Cleveland
PVT Samuel Cleveland
CPL Edward Fay
CS/PS Isaac Fenn
PVT Joseph Gilbert
PVT Miner Hilliard, Connecticut & Vermont
CS James Hinman
PS Hezekiah King
FIF Joseph Kingsbury
PVT Asa Manley
CS/PS Peter Mason
PVT Abner Mather
PS James Nooney, Jr.
PS James Nooney, Sr.
PVT Joseph Peck
PS Friend Phelps
PS David Robinson
CS/PS James Rogers
CS/PS/SGT Solomon Rogers
SGT Philip Spalding, Jr.
CPL Moses Tracy
PS Seth Wadham
PVT Simeon Webster
PVT William Whiting, Sr.
PVT Joseph Worden


Admitted to the Union January 2, 1788

PVT/PS Nathaniel Barnett
PS Samuel Langston
PS Daniel McNeil
SOL John Milner
PVT John Mobley
PS John Paulk
PS/SOL Micajah Paulk
PS George Ray
PVT John Youngblood, Jr.
PS John Youngblood, Sr.


Admitted to the Union April 30, 1812

PS Jacques La Fleur
PS Charles Sanguinet
PS Noel Etienne Soileau


Admitted to the Union March 15, 1820

 PS Thomas West


Admitted to the Union April 28, 1788

SOL Abraham Deaver
SGT Albert Hendricks, Maryland and North Carolina
PVT Benjamin Latimer
PVT Aaron Mitchell
PVT Thomas Reinhard
PVT James Rigdon
PS Godfrey Stemple
PS Thomas Wise


Admitted to the Union February 6, 1788

PVT William Avery
PVT/CS Ephraim Avery
SOL Gideon Bixby
PVT Samuel Briggs
CAPT Benjamin Brown
PS John Brown, Sr.
SGT Moses Campbell
PVT Nathaniel Chaffee
LT Thomas Crocker
CPL Daniel Crooker
PS Thomas Dewey
PVT Archibald Dunlap
PS Samuel Elder
PVT Thomas Elder
ENS John Howland
PVT Joseph Howland
PVT William Ingersoll, Jr.
CS/PS William Ingersoll, Sr.
PVT Asa Johnson
PS/PVT Henry Monroe, Jr.
PS John Moore
PVT Nathan Niles
PVT Charles Otis
PS Joseph Ramsdell
PVT Caesar Russell
CS/PVT Joseph Spofford
PS/CPL Nathaniel Stanley
CAPT John Trull
PVT Luther Turner
PVT Thomas Tyler
CPL Jonathan Weed
CPL Ezra Wilson
STAFFOF Shadrach Winslow

New Hampshire

Admitted to the Union June 21, 1788

PVT Knight Cutler
PVT Jonathan Foster, New Hampshire and Maine
PVT Asa Hutchins
PS James Kimball
CS David Page
PVT Charles Spalding
PS Joseph Stowell

New Jersey

Admitted to the Union December 18, 1787

PVT John Britton
PVT Joseph Byram
PVT Benjamin Conger
PVT Oliver Goltra
PVT Jacob Hendershot
PVT Samuel Seward
SOL Joseph Sharp
CS Beriah Taylor

New York

Admitted to the Union July 26, 1788

ENS Abraham Bliss
PVT/PS Silas Bowker, Jr.
PS CAPT John Matthias Brown
PVT Benjamin Carpenter
LT Jonathan Crane
PS/SOL Johannis H. Crum
PS Solomon Freer
ENS Joseph Gifford
PS Peter Hudler
SOL Solomon Hudler
PVT Henry Paddock
PVT Abraham Palmer
SOL Mathias Schultz
LT Mathias Shultz, Sr.
CS/PS John Stagg
PS/PVT Solomon Terwillger
SOL Joseph Henry Tice
LT John Van Tuyl
LT John Van Tuyl
SOL Gerret Van Voorhees
SOL Isaac Vosburgh
PVT Wilson Williams

North Carolina

Admitted to the Union November 21, 1789

PS Peter Bankston
PS Benjamin Beeson
CAPT James Billingsley
PVT George Walton Bradley
PVT James Forest
PS Thomas Futrell
PS Aaron Harlan, Jr.
PS Aaron Harlan, Sr.
PVT Henry Hollingsworth
SGT John Hough
PS Frederick Jordan
PS Arthur Jordan
PVT Jessie Knight
LT Major Lea
CS/PS Seth Mabry
PVT James McCaleb
PS David McSwain
SOL John Miller
PS Samuel Morse
PS Reuben Morse
PVT John O'Quinn
CS James Patterson
PVT Alexander Patterson
PS Samuel Revis
PVT Lazarus Solomon
PVT James Spann
PS William Spencer
SOL Ninian Steele
PS Nimrod Taylor
CPL James Thorp
PVT Thomas Ward
PS John Rudolph Waymire
SOL Henry Whitner, Jr.
PVT John Williams


Admitted to the Union December 12, 1787

PS Christian Albright
COL/PS Samuel John Atlee
PS/PVT George Clark
PVT Conrad Gilbert
PVT Henry Ginger
PVT Jacob Houser
PS Samuel Howell, Sr.
PVT John Jump
PVT John Ludwig Knouse
PVT John Lecky
PS Michael Lei
PSDaniel Livezey
PS/CAPT William McCalla
CAPT Andrew McFarland
PS Margaret Graham McFarland
PS James McFarland
PVT John Nevius
PVT Abraham Paxson
LCOL David Phillips
PVT Daniel Poorman
PVT John Ranck
PVT James Robinson
SOL Johann Michael Seifert
PVT Michael Sisler
PS George Steele
PVT John Ulrich
PS Samuel Wheeler
PVT Alexander Wilson
PVT Alexander Wilson
PS Nicholas Wilt

Rhode Island

Admitted to the Union December 12, 1787

CS Henry Bliss
PVT Thompson Burdick

South Carolina

Admitted to the Union May 23, 1788

SOL/PS John Bigbea
PS/PVT Willis Breazeale
CAPT/PS Thomas Ellerbe
CS/PS Nehemiah Franks
SOL Lewis Graves
SOL Thomas Charles Holmes
SOL Daniel Horton
SGT John Johnston
CAPT Thomas Jones
SOL/PS Moses Jordan
CS/PS Andrew Patterson
LT/PS Benjamin Reynolds
PVT John Stelle
PVT William Stone
LT Achilles Tandy
LT Josiah Tanner
CS/PS Henry Vaughan
PS/PVT Thomas Word

Spanish America

 PS Ignacio Vicento F. Vallejo


Admitted to the Union March 4, 1791

LT Remembrance Chamberlain
CS Samuel Day
SGT Moses Hurd
LT Oliver Kidder
PVT John Olin, Jr.
CS/SGT Andrew Tracy


Admitted to the Union June 25, 1788

LCOL William Alexander
CAPT/PS John Anderson
LCOL Richard Clough Anderson
COL/PS Isaac Avery
PVT John Backus
PS/CPL William Ballard
PS Thomas Barnes
CAPT David Beard
SOL/PS William Bohanon
PVT John Bowles
PS Russell Brown
PS Jesse Calvert
PS Obed Calvert, Sr.
PVT Michael Catron
LT William Choice
PVT David Crews
PVT John Danks
CAPT James Dillard, Jr.
PS James Dillard, Sr
PS Joseph Ellis
PVT George Fry, Jr.
LT John Blair Gilmer
PS Elizabeth Boone Grant
PVT Thomas Gregory
PVT John Harris
PVT Joseph Harvey
PVT William Hayden
SOL John Hearne
PS Elizabeth Hopkins
PS/LT James Jameson
PS John Jefferson
PS Miles Jennings
PS George Jude
PS Robert Kay
ENS James Laird
PS Mosias Maupin
NONCOM Robert McCorkle
PS Daniel Mifflin
PVT Andrew Morrison
ENS William Murphy, Virginia and North Carolina
SGT Thomas Newman
PVT Lewis Peyton
PS Thomas Pinson
CS Robert Poage
PS William Porterfield
LCOL Thomas Posey
SGT Anjer Price
SGT William Radford
LT James Reed
PS Alexander Reed
PS John Adam Roush
PVT Richard Sebree
LT Christian Snidow
PS John Stanley, Sr.
COL/PS John Stark, Sr.
PS John Strode
SOL Francis Sturgill
MAJ/PS Benjamin Taliaferro
PS/LT Edward Tatum
PS James Taylor
PS George Taylor
COL/CS/PS John Tipton
COL Garrett Van Meter
ENS John Wallace
PS Warner Washington, Sr.
CAPT Stephen Watts
LT Henry Whiting
PS Thomas Whitten, Sr.
PS Edwin Young

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